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Our services

Being your SOLUTIONS provider, DMR's extensive knowledge provides a one-stop centre without having you to look any further. Services offered by DMR are:

  • OEM Product Development - just share your ideas with us and we will advise you how we can develop your ideas into a tangible product. In this manner, you will have full exclusivity to your product. Click here to find out more...
  • Partial OEM - Using our existing products, you may enjoy partial exclusivity by investing in a different cover to create a different product outlook or have your company logo silkscreened onto the cover. You may also tailor-made the packaging to reflect your company image on our products. To do this, minimum buys will apply.
  • Off-the-shelf purchases - Find out more about our existing products here.
  • Distribution - With our strategic location, DMR could be your springboard to various parts of the world. To find out more, please click here...

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