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DMR is proud of its creative ability in re-engineering. Our highly qualified engineers work as a team to fabriate detailed components from simple conceptual design to completed product. Such attention to specification details is of vital consequence, as it will ensure that each product is reproducible as well as dimensionally sound.

State of the art electronic and measuring equipment is used for the development of circuitry design and PCBs (Printed Circuit Board). DMR's skilled technicians provide the assurance that each project is handled with the expertise and professionalism that our clients require.

Development of mechanical parts is processed using AutoCad or SolidWorks to simulate a mock-up of the end product. Dimensional checking of every product further ensures the perfection of each

Mold designing is projected through the use of sophisticated industry software such as Pro-E, IDEAS Artisan Series and various CAD/CAM systems used by DMR. Specifications are met with standards that surpass those of our competitors. Mold base and mold inserts are created with careful planning. This attention to detail is carried through to the end product by a team of highly trained and experienced staff.

A High Precision Profile Projector is utilized in 2 dimensional measurements while a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is used to measure 3 dimensional parts. With the aid of a fully computerized system, our CNC Milling Machine carries out the cutting processes with unparalleled precision.

Each mold is further fine-tuned to meet specifications through the Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) and processed using electrolysis to produce final mold inserts.

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