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Who we are...

Established in 1997, Diversified Manufacturing Resources (DMR) together with its distribution arm, Diversified Distribution Resources (DDR) was formed for the purpose of worldwide manufacturing and distribution.

Unique in both its services and facilities within Malaysia, DMR is a company born out of an initiative and strength that reflects its brilliance and ingenuity. Our foresight in anticipating the needs and importance of creating a niche to support the washroom hygiene industry provides evidence of our depth of understanding and experience in this area.

Today, DMR has flourished as a company renowned for its superior quality and excellent customer service. Our helpful customer representatives are easily approachable and will endeavor to serve each request with a commendable effort. We provide a thorough and efficient process which will ensure that all your needs are taken care of and that details are well planned. The exciting journey from a formulated idea towards the end product begins here!


Fresh ideas

What we believe...


P otential Achieve industry leadership by offering integrated services and by establishing long term partnerships
R esponsibility Fulfill our commitments and work with integrity
I nnovation Embrace innovation to enhance product excellence
D irection Optimize business results through continuous improvement
E xcellence Create superior values to achieve total customer satisfaction



Our commitment...

We are committed to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction through:

  • Innovation
  • Competitiveness
  • Leadership
  • Continuous Improvement (kaizan)

Where we are located...

DMR is headquartered in Penang, Malaysia. Behind the facade of a peaceful, tourist island resort, Penang is also a high tech manufacturing powerhouse. Despite being the second smallest state in Malaysia, Penang is the top three most developed and industrialised state in the country.

Since the electronics industry first set foot into Penang in the early 1970s, Penang does not only excel in manufacturing, assembly and test operations but also shines as a design and development hub with capabilities in automation systems, precision engineering and software development.

Human Resources
With over 90% of its mostly urban population communicates fluently in English, Penang's educated workforce and experienced professionals are valuable assets that forms the backbone of Penang's strong economy and efficient workforce.

Penang is predominantly driven by export-oriented industrialisation and fully supported by its world class transportation and telecommunications infrastructures. The availability of a strong supply chain coupled with various Free Industrial Zones and Industrial Parks further supports and enhance the expansion of Penang abilities and capabilities, thus forming a perfect niche for development.

International Players
Penang is home to some of the world's largest players in the electronic industry, such as Intel, Agilent Technologies, Motorola, Western Digital, Dell, Bosch, to name a few. Leveraging on the experiences with the electronics industry, the local supporting and ancillary industries have also embarked on providing supporting services to medical devices, aerospace, automotive and other higher value added activities.

With this in mind, Penang has all the necessary ingredients to support DMR's operations and continued growth providing the existing infrastructure, competitiveness and availability of skilled human resources required by our rapidly growing company.


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